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Dette er åpningstidene som gjelder for hele skoleferien.

Vanlige åpningstider utenfor ferie finner du HER

UKE 25 OG 26 (19.06 - 02.07) + UKE 31 TIL 33 (31.07 - 20.08)

UKE 27 TIL 30 (03.07 - 30.07)

The changing rooms are open for half an hour after the pools close.


In 25 m there is a 16 year limit during the day (weekdays, not weekends / holidays) and it is open for swimming in the entire pool before kl. After 16 it is open for swimming in two of the courses. There is a 16-year limit for the use of exercise rooms.


On weekdays, swimming training will take place from 16.00 to 18.00, and the diving tower (including the diving boards) will be closed during this time. On Tuesdays, this applies until 6.30 pm.


During all school holidays, the water park is open from 11 am to 6.30 pm.


Remember NOK 20 for lockers, and that holiday prices apply as long as the water park is open from kl. 11-19.

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